A Top Tutor with Top Accreditations.

Since young, Clarence has a passion for learning, especially in areas of Mathematics and Sciences. It is little wonder that he topped Anglo Chinese School (Independent) as a student and went onto a top junior college to do 'Special Papers' in GCE 'A' level Mathematics and Physics (equivalent to 2 H3 subjects now). 


In 2000, Clarence graduated from Raffles Junior College with exemplary results and was awarded a prestigious PSC overseas scholarship to study in University of Toronto, a well-ranked North American university in Engineering and Sciences.  Admitted into Dean's Lists for every accountable academic year and often ranked amongst the top few students in the university, he graduated comfortably with a first class Honours in Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Electrical Engineering).


In 2006, Clarence was enlisted into MOE as an education policy officer and was involved in the review and implementation of major education reforms and policies, such as GROW 2.0. Subsequently, Clarence joined the MOE teaching service and became an accredited top JC teacher, who attained the highest Distinction in Post-Graduate Diploma of Education (PGDE) in NIE in his cohort for his discipline.


​Herein lies a truly highly qualified tutor who possesses strong pedagogical skills and a wealth of knowledge to build students in their learning capacities, especially for Mathematics and Sciences.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn."


Benjamin Franklin

A Tutor who Inspires Learning and Maximises Potential.

In the past decade, Clarence has nurtured many students with diverse learning abilities into high academic achievers in both Mathematics and Physics. Amongst them are students who improved from 'U' or 'S' grades to 'A' grades in the national exams, students who topped the college and a student who had to repeat his JC2 but almost topped his cohort in Physics after coming under Clarence's tutelage.

​​In fact, as a highly experienced Mathematics tutor with more than 10 years of experience in teaching the secondary level, junior college level (including Integrated Programme (IP)) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, Clarence has an almost perfect track record with only one tutee achieving a B grade for 'A' level H2 Maths. The rest scored 'A' in the actual GCE 'A' level examination. ​​

Furthermore, for consecutive years, as a JC lecturer, Clarence mentored students who were amongst the top in his college, like Chen Zhiling who topped her college for overall 'A' level results in 2011, and produced classes which were ranked amongst the top in value-addedness.

A Teacher who received a Standing Ovation.

A standing ovation during a prize presentation? No. It took place in a classroom.​

Some time ago in 2010, Clarence received a standing ovation by the students at the end of his tutorial lesson. He was covering lesson for another teacher who was on MC.

Clarence is acclaimed by students as a vibrant, inspiring and personable teacher who makes learning fun and meaningful. Teach less, learn more? Students truly experience this with his succinct summaries and lucid lessons.  ​

To pursue his passion in teaching, Clarence withdrew from a mandatory MOE HQ posting for top-tier scholars which could have propelled him to vice principal-ship in 2 years' time. He has since managed tuition centres and commit to full-time professional tutoring.




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